What are the choices for the positioning of precision parts?

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The production of nuts, studs and stainless steels is becoming more and more intelligent. Now, when producing the accessories of these equipments, we choose precise and high-standard equipment. With the advancement of science and technology, intelligent and automated instruments The equipment has a very fast speed in the circulation of various fields, which brings challenges and opportunities in the new stage for the development of precision parts. This paper analyzes the market demand and process concept of precision parts, combined with the skills and problems in the actual processing (limited to the scope of the clamp industry), to explore solutions and techniques for related problems in precision parts processing, in order to improve precision parts. The quality, improve the contradiction between market supply and demand, and promote the development of a technological and intelligent society.

In actual production, the structure of each part can vary widely, which greatly increases the difficulty of processing. However, if you look closely, you can find that the basic geometrical structure of the parts is nothing more than the outer circle, the inner hole, the plane, the thread, the tooth surface, the curved surface, etc., so as long as the processing of these shapes is mastered, the difficulty of processing the precision parts is also Can be greatly reduced.

In the process of precision parts processing, the selection of the positioning reference determines whether the quality of the parts is good or not, and whether the dimensional accuracy and mutual positional accuracy of the parts can be guaranteed, and the processing order between the surfaces of the parts is very good. Great impact. If the workpiece is mounted with a clamp, the choice of positioning reference will also affect the complexity of the fixture structure. Therefore, the choice of positioning reference is an important process issue in precision part machining.

Nowadays, mechanized and automated production has been realized in some production processes. Then, the automatic processing system can automatically monitor its operating state, and it can automatically adjust its parameters under external disturbance or internal excitation to achieve the best condition and Self-organizing ability, which greatly improves the efficiency of roughing and finishing under the premise of ensuring the processing precision.

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