Technology involved in automatic packaging machines

Website editor:admin │ time:2019-07-01 

With the improvement of people's economic level, the demand for food and medicine is also expanding, and its packaging is more valued by the industry. The packaging machinery industry is also ushered in a development climax. Experts said that the competition for packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce, and packaging equipment with high automation, intelligence, versatility, high efficiency and low consumption is favored by the industry.

In the future, packaging machinery can only promote the overall level of the packaging equipment industry in line with the trend of industrial automation. New intelligent devices such as high-intelligent CNC systems, encoders and digital control components, and power load control have been widely applied to packaging machinery and equipment, making equipment users more independent, flexible, operationally correct, and high in operation. Efficiency and compatibility.

According to experts, at present, China's automated packaging machine equipment mainly involves two automation technologies: fieldbus technology and sensor technology. Fieldbus technology can “liberate” most of the traditional packaging links, simplifying and simplifying, with obvious convenience and flexibility, and can retrieve and analyze operational data through the system, understand the actual and immediate situation of production, and monitor the workshop. The operation situation facilitates the unmanned operation of the entire production line and the seamless connection of transmission and inspection processes; sensor technology is applied in the packaging machinery industry such as food and medicine, such as monitoring and filling and packaging of food and beverage storage tanks. Sensors are used in mixing, processing, cooling, and heating, cleaning, and packaging processes.

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